Secret little miracle serum . . . Pure PRAI Intensive tried and tested!!!

I can’t believe another busy month has passed by!!

I have been trying a number of new products this month on my skin to get it looking and feeling it’s best after the horrible Winter months.

My product of the month has to the Pure PRAI Intensive Serum.

It is designed to help the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, however I use it just before I do my make up instead of a moisturizer and found it to be a must in my make up kit now!!!

It is a miracle serum, as it softens the skin whilst helping to smooth out the surface of the skin and eliminate and redness or blotchiness. I have also bought one for my kit and have used it on my brides this month, not only does it smell amazing but it gives the skin that fresh glow that everyone wants.

Louise – Beauty Call Franchisee for GU and SL postcodes, Surrey