Secret of dual foundations … highlighting and contouring

Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundations – Perfect for natural day to day contouring!

As a makeup artist one of the first things we learn how to do is contouring. Enhancing the natural shadows and highlights on the face is key to any professional looking makeup. When done correctly, contouring the face has the ability to enhance the best features and take the focus off the ones we like less! Pure magic and instant cheek bones!

In the film industry contouring plays a huge part in achieving different makeup looks, along with prosthetics, it’s used in any ageing makeup … but then this is really not the route we want to take so I will go no further!

Contouring is used with a wide range of different products and application methods and is very specific to each individual and again to each different makeup look, however on a basic level using something like the ‘Eve Pearl HD Dual foundations’ and following these easy steps it becomes far more accessible for you to achieve the best looking you!

Eve Pearl Dual Foundations

The Eve Pearl foundations are brilliant for any skin type and contain nutrients to help protect your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They have buildable coverage to suit your desired look. The creamy texture makes the foundation easy to blend but has a non-greasy feel. For application I tend to use either a foundation brush or a damp makeup sponge.

Foundation Brush

These specific foundations come in fair, medium and dark so its easy to find your matching compact. Follow the key and the face chart below and see how such a subtle use of the two different shades can make a big difference!

Dual Foundation - where to apply

Oh and blending is the key – you shouldn’t be able to see any harsh transitions in the shades so blend away 🙂

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