Should Your Makeup Match Your Outfit?

The idea of matching your makeup to your outfit might be one that brings back awful memories of family photos from the 80’s with bright neon pink eyeshadows and bright blue eyeliner – but don’t worry, it’s possible to match your makeup to your outfit without looking like you’ve just set off a color bomb. In fact, when it’s done right matching your makeup to your outfit can look really sexy – think a navy blue dress paired with a subtle smokey eye. So, should you match your makeup to your outfit? It really depends on the outfit you’re wearing – read on for more ideas.

Makeup match dress

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Jewel Tone Shades

If you’re planning on wearing an outfit that is a jewel-tone shade such as purple, emerald green or sapphire, this is an excellent choice of outfit to match your makeup to. Rich ruby reds go well with these kind of shades, so if you’re looking for the perfect excuse to wear that gorgeous red lipstick you treated yourself to, now’s the time. If the color of your top or dress isn’t that saturated, go with a makeup color that’s richer.

Add Shimmer and Shine

You can subtly match your makeup to your outfit by adding extra shimmer, for example if you’re creating a purple smoky eye to go with a lilac or purple colored dress, adding silver, shimmery hues will help to create a gorgeous makeup look that’s still perfectly matched to your outfit without being too dramatic. Layer metallic over bold colors to give them a more sophisticated edge and blend colors in for a softer and more streamlined look.

Keep the Rest Neutral

It’s a makeup rule that we’ve all heard before – don’t dramatize two different areas of the face! For example if you’re doing bold smoky eyes you should keep your lips neutral and subtle, and if you’re wearing a bold, dramatic lip color, you should keep your eyes a neutral shade. The same rule applies to matching your makeup to your outfit – for example if you’re wearing a navy blue short sleeve maxi dress having a bold blue smoky eye will match well, however pair this with a bright red lipstick and you’ve overdone it. Apply a nude or subtle pink lip gloss instead, and your look is perfect.

When the Outfit is Bright

Bright colored makeup is usually a no no, so if you’re thinking of wearing a bright neon pink dress, bright neon pink eyeshadow will just look tacky. Instead, opt for makeup that compliments your outfit, even if it is not an exact match – this will look much better. For multi-colored outfits, you might like to select one or two main colors from the outfit and work your makeup around that.  Otherwise you will almost certainly overdo it and not in a good way.

Do you match your makeup to your outfits, or do you think that it’s something that should never be done? We’d love to hear your options, tips and advice in the comments section below.