Sleeping beauty: the importance of a good night’s sleep

When we talk about beauty sleep, it’s often all a bit tongue in cheek. Needing your beauty sleep can be an excuse to leave the party early but is probably used just as often as a bit of a dig. Most of us have experienced that hilarious middle-aged, male colleague; the one who likes to indulge in some light-hearted sexism, despite the fact he’s clearly been beaten near to death with the ugly stick. But anyone who has partaken in a late night and peered bleary-eyed into the mirror the following day will appreciate one simple truth: beauty sleep is not a myth.  

Our busy, modern lives mean that we are frequently trying to fit everything in. Juggling, work, children and other day-to-day responsibilities mean we rarely clock off until well into the evening. A glass of wine or an hour in front of the TV can come at the expense of getting a full eight hours kip. As tempting as your bed might be, the thought of morning signalling another day on the treadmill can leave us hanging on to the last embers of the evening. The trick is to create a bedtime routine which lures you in to a pleasant slumber and feeling positive about the following day. 

Absolutely key to a good night’s rest (and this may seem obvious), is a comfortable bed in calm surroundings. It’s recommended that your mattress be replaced every seven years at the most; a tired and worn mattress will leave you feeling much the same. Likewise, your bed may be warm and cosy but if you’ve got a pile of paperwork next to you or boxes piled on top of the wardrobe from when you moved in three years ago, your environment is not conducive to sleep. Bedstar’s range of divan beds come in a range of contemporary styles and colours, with plenty of storage options to clear away the clutter and make your bedroom a peaceful place to rest and relax. Divan beds with storage offer a space-saving solution for smaller rooms and those hoarders amongst us! 

Sleep is an important part of our day and we should aim to enjoy eight hours as part of our beauty regime. Dermatologists agree that sleep is proven to help reduce wrinkles by stimulating our bodies’ natural renewal processes. The beauty benefits of sleep are undeniable so make the most of your bed. Sleep tight.