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On the 13th January, Chanel launched their new all singing all dancing foundation, Perfection Lumiere. In February I got round to grabbing some samples and testing it.

Perfection Lumiere is replacing the very reputable Pro Lumiere and Mat Lumiere which were discontinued back in December. It comes in a 30ml pump action bottle and is available in 16 shades.

I found it smooth and easy to apply but it was very fast drying so I had to blend it quickly. The coverage is good (medium but can be built to full) and it did cover the redness I have on my nose and chin perfectly (as advertised). It has a lovely scent when you apply it (for those that don’t like products with a fragrance it maybe be a no go!)

When dry, I think this foundation was closer to the former Mat Lumiere, as it has a powdery matte finish rather than the dewy skin I used to be left with when using Pro Lumiere. But this is a perfect option for brides with normal to oily skin who are looking to be shine free in their photo’s.

Chanel advertises that the foundation will hold and be perfect for 15 hours. Without a primer I found my nose and chin went oily after around 5 hours, however with a primer and a light dusting of powder I found the finish lasted upto 10 hours.

On application the colour looked fine but I did notice a little oxidation (once dry the makeup reacts with your skins natural acidic oils and turns darker). If I used a primer this seemed to control this.

All in all, if you are looking for a matte, medium to full coverage finish then this could be the foundation for you. It retails at £36, so it is quite an expensive luxury. If you fancy giving it a go, visit your local department store and grab 2 or 3 sample (samples come in neat little sachets) shades first and try them in natural day light to see which colour is your best match. This will also give you the chance to see if you like the matte finish before you buy a full bottle.

Steph xx

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