Struggling to find the perfect wedding ring? The ultimate men’s guide to wedding ring shopping

Wedding ring shopping can feel like a minefield, there’s so much to consider and so many options you can find yourself feeling pretty overwhelmed. Which is why this guide has been created to help you find the perfect wedding ring to wear forever more that suits your needs and style. Tick these points off your list and you’ll be sorted in no time: 

  1. Think about your lifestyle

Are you pretty active? Do you have a job that involves using your hands a lot? If so, this will make a huge difference to the type of metal you choose for your wedding ring. When we say metal, we mean choosing between platinum, yellow, rose or white gold. Gold is a softer metal, so if you know your wedding ring is going to come into contact with a lot of abrasive materials or heat, then platinum may be the best option to save it from getting scratched or damaged. 

  1. Think about your style

Do you already wear jewellery? If so, what colour metal do you normally wear? This will make a difference to your choice of wedding ring as very few people like to mix and match their jewellery colours. Do you prefer a jewellery style that says something about you or do you prefer a subtle look? You’ll need to decide whether to choose a wedding featuring diamonds – browse a site such as Diamonds Factory for wedding rings in this style – or a plain, more traditional band. 

  1. Think about your budget

Weddings are expensive but it’s worth bearing in mind that your wedding ring is intended to be worn forever more and so this means it needs to be high quality and hard wearing. This means that a significant amount of your budget should be put towards it. However, if you do have a smaller budget you still have plenty of options. Platinum is one of the most expensive metal types for wedding rings and so if you can’t spend as much you may find white gold the better option. 

  1. Think about time

No one wants to be manically searching for their wedding ring a week before the big day. Plan to look in plenty of time to allow yourself room to try on rings and weigh up the pros and cons of each. If you are having a bespoke ring made there may be a delay on when this can be sent to you – another thing to think about. 

  1. Think about your partner

Ask if they want your rings to match as this will heavily dictate what you choose. Obviously, you need to be happy with this decision too, so it’s important you speak about it before you start shopping. 

  1. Think about your ring size

It’s important you purchase a wedding ring that fits, so pay a visit to a jeweller and have your ring size measured. There are a few ways to do this at home – such as using a piece of string or paper to wrap around your finger then mark where it meets with a pen and measure it when laid out straight. You can then compare this to a sizing chart to work out your ring size.  

Go armed with all these tips under your belt and find that perfect men’s wedding ring ready for your big day.