Tackling skincare issues prior to your wedding day


Taking a Proactive Approach: How to tackle your skincare issues prior to your wedding day


Skin issues are often overlooked health complaints in the UK, from minor, non-harmful problems to those that are more serious and in some instances life threatening. Much of this stems from a lack of awareness, as while the majority of Britons admit to worrying about diseases such as skin cancer they continue to put themselves at risk by bathing beneath the rays of the sun every summer.


How to Tackle and overcome your skincare issues prior to your Wedding Day


The same principle applies to confidence-sapping blemishes and visible skin tags, as while these cause huge concern for individuals many remain unsure as to how such issues can be resolved. This can be particularly worrisome in the building up to a wedding, so here are some tips on how to overcome your skincare issues prior to the big day: –


 1. Visit local Make-up and beauty experts


If you have a blemish or a condition that forces your skin to redden during harsh weather conditions, you can content yourself with a purely aesthetic solution. To achieve this, however, you will need to visit your local salon or the beauty counter at the nearest Boots store, as this will enable you to access expert information and purchase viable products during a single visit. This could be a new type of foundation or even a more sensitive moisturiser, as even the smallest change can correct any existing imbalance and make a huge difference.


 2. Consider whether your issue requires assistance from a Dermatologist

This is another important consideration, as you may be forced to judge the nature and extent of your issue well in advance of the big day. More specifically, it is crucial that you determine whether or not you need to consult with a dermatologist, as this will require a series of appointments and consultations with expert service providers. It is better to be proactive and make this determination sooner rather than later, as it enables you to identify a viable solution or course of treatment.


 3. Acquire costings for Skin tag removal and Minor surgery


In the case of skin tags or moles, the best solution may well be to consider their removal through minor surgery. While this may be seen by many as a last resort, outlets such as Sk:n have helped to gradually reduce the cost of minor surgery and made permanent solutions a far more viable option for everyday citizens. With this in mind, it is worth costing this as an option and considering whether or not it offers value or a viable return on your investment.