Wedding Venues in London and Nottingham


Looking after the postcode ‘EC’ in London I find myself working at some fabulous wedding venues! Please take a look at a few of my favourite and new venues i have recently worked along side. I have created good relationships with the wedding co-ordinators allowing me to continue to experience amazing weddings! The Iron Mongers …

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What’s your favourite Wedding Venue?


Now that we have Autumn falling upon us, it opens up a whole new style/look/theme to weddings! Whether your wedding venue is a modern building or an old Victorian hall, wedding pictures look utterly fabulous at this time of year! Covering EC (City) and E (East) London, I have had the privilege to work on …

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Office Hairstyles for Autumn 2013


Going to work in an office every weekday is the biggest chunk out of our life and the last thing we want to think about before we go to sleep on a Sunday night is what shall I do for my office hairstyles this week?! Most of us would rather put a hat over it …

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A Most Curious Wedding Fair London


This time tomorrow the “A Most Curious Wedding Fair London” will open at The Truman Brewery, in the heart of London’s East End. We’ve been looking forward to this show for months, and can’t believe how quickly it has come around! Tomorrow night (Fri) is press night – Nicky & Caitlin will be there if …

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Busy times in EC – Hair and Makeup London!


I’ve had a really busy past couple of weeks with Beauty Call and the different jobs we’ve had on. With all this and London Fashion Week buzzing round our heads it’s been pretty crazy! Karen (franchisee for SG & AL postcodes) and I worked at the ‘Incisive Media Awards 2013’. We did hair and makeup for …

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