Natural Bridal Makeup – Simple and Elegant


One of the first things any bride will say to me at trial is that they want to look like themselves on the big day and more importantly that they want their fiancée to recognise them! Looking beautifully radiant doesn’t always mean you have to wear layers and layers of makeup! In fact natural bridal …

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The perfect 1940’s vintage wave…..made easy!


It is fair to say that 1940’s glamour never goes out of date and is still cropping up all over catwalks and red carpets. The thing is, nowadays the key for makeup artists and hair stylists is achieving these authentic looks under time restraints. More often than not you won’t have the time to wet …

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How to choose the right wedding hair for your big day


With out a doubt, choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day can be one of the toughest decisions. With hundreds of styles to choose from it will seem like daunting task and leading up to the trial you may still have no clue!…… Well that’s what we as the wedding hair stylists are here …

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Forever changing makeup trends


Makeup trends are forever changing, there is always a new look, a new product to test, and while this is an aspect of the job I love, you don’t need to be constantly cramming your makeup bag with new products. Here are a few timeless staples that will take you through to the winter with …

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