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How Beauty Call works:

• Beauty Call Ltd has bookers and franchisees who manage Beauty Call makeup artist jobs in postcode areas across the UK.

• Job opportunities will come to you from these bookers and franchisees as booking leads come in. The bookers and franchisees will try to use artists that are local to the job

• You will deal with the booker or franchisee for the whole booking including payments from customers and payments to you.

• The booker or franchisees will pay you up between 62-75% of jobs. As a rough guide on a £300 job, you would get £210. Our prices are set across the board and will not differ from artist to artist (types of jobs and prices available on website).

• The booker or franchisee will confirm what percentage you will be paid when offering you the job (this could be subject to change if the job requirements change).

• Beauty Call offers FREE trials to brides (if they book for the wedding). Most hair and makeup trials for the bride should be completed within 3 hours – at our discretion we can charge the bride a £30 per hour fee if the trial goes over 3 hours. Trials for bridesmaids, mothers etc are charged at a flat rate of £50.

• If the customer is not happy with the trial and doesn’t want to book you for the wedding, she will be required to pay a £50 fee direct to you for your time. This amount should be made payable to you so it can be paid straight into your own account.

• If the customer is happy to book, they pay a non-refundable deposit at the end of the trial. You will receive 50%. 

• For example if the bride is having her hair and makeup done, she will pay a £150 deposit. You will then receive £75 for the trial.  If it’s hair or makeup only they will pay a £90 deposit, so you will get £45.

• If the customer pays by cheque you are required to pay it into the booker or franchisee Beauty Call bank account, you have to then invoice the booker or franchisee for your share. If the customer pays cash you should deposit half and keep your half, plus send an invoice for your share. Always reference the deposit with the booking number and customer surname.

• If people are added to the wedding day requirements this must be declared to the booker or franchisee. Remember: because we work on percentages, you will be paid more as the job gets bigger.

• Confirmations of trials/jobs will happen on the Monday of the week of the trial/job. The booker or franchisee will send you login details to the Booking Form by email.  This outlines all details required for the trial/job. You must log in and then print it out and take it with you.

• If the bride is unable to give you a cheque or cash at the end of a successful trial you should get them to sign at the bottom of the form to confirm they do want to go ahead. Any changes to the form should be communicated ASAP to the franchisee via phone or email.

• The final job Booking Form (sent to you and the customer, again via email with login details) will include the final balance owed. The booker or franchisee will let you know separately how much you can claim for the job.

• Unless the customer has already paid by bank transfer or PayPal, you will be required to collect the customer’s final balance at the end of the job. You should then deposit it and invoice the franchisee for your share.

• If you are asked to assist on a job, the fixed fee is £70 for 2 hours, or £100 for 3 hours. You will be required to invoice the booker or franchisee following the job.  If you are required more than 2 hours, you will be told the fee you will get.

• We always try to ensure full travel costs are paid to you, but sometimes the client will negotiate these down, and we have to agree in order to get the actual job. They are calculated by the distance either from the base of the booker or franchisee or your base to the job at 40p per mile. They are charged on both trials and jobs. The exception is locations within the London Underground network, where the cost of an appropriate Daily Travelcard will be charged. Travel amounts should be added to your invoice to the booker or franchisee.

• Beauty Call Ltd will also from time to time have various other Event work available. Head Office will email or call you with these opportunities.  Payment is usually a fixed fee, rather than a percentage, or may be based on what is earned over the course of the event, minus costs. 

General Terms and Conditions:

• You will be working as a self-employed hair and/or makeup artist and will be totally responsible for your own tax and national insurance.

• You must have Public Liability Insurance cover before working for Beauty Call (a copy of the certificate will be required – it can be obtained via Professional Beauty Direct).

• If you work with Under 12s and do not have CRB approval you should always ensure that the client is aware that another adult needs to be present 100% of the time.

• Once you have completed a trial and it is confirmed, you are obliged to work the wedding date. On no account should you cancel except in a dire emergency.  In such cases you should immediately contact the franchisee responsible for the booking to make alternative arrangements.

• With the exception of travel costs, all deposits and remaining balances owed are the property of Beauty Call and must be paid immediately into the franchisees nominated account. You should immediately advise the franchisee that the money has been paid in and always use the booking number and surname as a reference.

• Following a booking, if there is a complaint or other issues related to the artists work, Beauty Call is within its rights to negotiate a refund to the client and claim a percentage back from the artist.

Other Terms and Conditions:

• Beauty Call cannot guarantee job bookings to any artist.

• Once you are accepted onto the books of Beauty Call you are required to pay a one off £10 administration fee – this covers the cost of adding and updating your details on the website. How to pay this fee will be included in the “Welcome to Beauty Call” email.

• The artist will be a representative of Beauty Call and so will be professional at all times.

• Beauty Call reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time, giving 14 days notice.

• These terms and conditions / contract are legally binding.

• The laws of England and Wales shall govern this contract and both Beauty Call and the artist agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Example of payment: 

• The total job is worth £350.

• The customer pays £150 deposit at the trial (if it’s hair and makeup).  You receive 50% of this – so £75

• This leaves the customer owing £200 on the wedding day.

• You have been told you will earn 68% of the total job, so 68% of £350 = £238

• You have already received £75 at the trial, so are owed £163.

Any further questions:

• Email [email protected]

• Call 0800 170 7370

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