The difference between hair straightening brush vs flat iron

Straight hair looks great and elegant. Many women prefer straight hair over curly or wavy hair, but to get that straight sleek look may turn out to be an expensive deal if you prefer to go to a salon.

Investing in a hair straightening tool is cheap, but which hair straightening tool will be more effective may put you in a fix. Should you go for a flat iron or think of busying a hair straightening brush? After all, there are so many models that promise to deliver amazing results, so making an ideal choice may be tricky.

Let’s check some details on both the tools which can help you make a better decision.  You can also find detailed reviews on top rated hair straightening brushes here.

  • Suitable for which type of hair and degree of hair damage

Flat irons work best for frizzy, curly, wavy or African- American hair. One needs to clamp the hair tightly between the two flat plates so the heat is transferred to the hair in an effective manner. The temperature is much higher and the damage caused to the hair is potentially more than the hair straightening brush. So, if you have thin hair or hair that can be easily damaged then hair straightening brush should be your first choice.  It is great for damp hair too. The temperature of a hair straightening brush will always be less than the flat iron. 

  • Burn injury and hair volume

Flat irons cannot add volume to the hair and the risk of burn injury to ears and fingers is more. Hair straightening brush is absolutely safe to use. You will not get burnt and at the end, the hair volume will also be more.

  • Time to style

You will be required to spend more time on styling your hair if you use a flat iron. Using the best hair straightening brush will hardly take any time to straighten your hair. Straightening with flat iron may take 40 to 60 minutes whereas straightening with the brush will only take 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Efficiency

Generally, for thick hair, it is recommended to use a flat iron, but now with the changes in technology, high quality hair straightening brushes are available in the market. So, if you have very thick or curly hair, just look for the best hair straightening brush which will allow you to get beautiful, shiny straight hair without any troubles. Just section your thick hair properly and use the best straightening brush to get satisfying results.  

So, investing in the best hair straightening brush can be fruitful if:

  • You have thin, damaged or dull hair as the hair straightening brush will not just protect your hair but also add shine to it.
  • You would like to style your hair frequently and want to reap the benefits of the latest technology
  • You are looking to build volume into your hairstyle
  • You want to style your hair quickly


Investing in the flat irons is perfect for you if:

  • You find it difficult to straighten your thick and naturally curly or wavy hair
  • You do not style your hair everyday as it can damage your hair
  • You do not want hair volume and desire something at a low price
  • You have no time constraints when it comes to styling your hair