The Ultimate Beauty Sleep


Wake-up to fewer fine lines and sleek and glossy hair – without splurging on expensive creams or treatments…?! Is this really possible??

Gingerlily – the silk bedding company, have introduced a new addition to their range that will apparently revolutionise your skin care regime; containing a 100% silk pillowcase, ‘Gingerlily’s Beauty Box’ is claiming to help you to make the most of your precious beauty sleep.

Sleeping on silk has long been recommended by leading dermatologists as an anti-aging tool. Less absorbent than cotton, silk helps skin retain its natural moisture; keeping it soft, supple and helping toreduce fine lines and wrinkles. Silk also won’t absorb your night cream, allowing it to soak into your skin and work more effectively. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, so it works to regulate the body’s temperature so that you sleep soundly all night long.

Apparently this magic little pillowcase can also cure the dreaded ‘bed-head’ hair. Because it contains the same naturally occurring proteins as hair, it will reduce static and moisture loss, preventing hair from becoming dry and brittle; so you wake up with healthy, sleek and shiny hair!

It is expensive at £39, but I think this will be a great addition to any beauty regime and a ‘must’ for your Christmas list!

At the end of the day, this little pillowcase is helping me to enjoy one of the best beauty treatments of all; a good night’s sleep. My ‘bed-head’ days are almost gone. As for fewer lines and wrinkles… I guess time will tell!

Karen Xx
Franchisee – Hair and Makeup Artist Hertfordshire
SG (Stevenage) and (St Albans) AL postcodes

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