Things To Keep In Mind For Your Hen Party

So you’ve got yourself a bride to be and now you need to come up with some great ideas for hen night and throw her the best hen party ever, after all a hen party is the most important duty of the maid of honour. Looking her best on the wedding day is very important for the bride and looking her best at the hen party is very important for the maid of honour. Needless to say you want everyone to have a lot of fun and make the  night unforgettable. You want to look back on beautiful photographs of yourself and the bride to be years later, so make sure you’re all geared up with all that’s necessary for a successful hen party. We’ve got loads of tips and hen party ideas for you to keep in mind for the big night.

  1. Make an appointment

Would you rather spend time doing each other’s makeup and hair or sitting back, enjoying someone take care of your hair and makeup for your hen do, while you giggle, laugh and maybe down a few drinks with your hen gang? Yeah, we thought so. So ensure that you make an appointment in advance for your hen party hair and makeup for the entire hen gang. If you’ve got a themed hen party or activities then you can tell your makeup and hair artist the exact look that you want so that they come prepared with all hair equipment and makeup to give you the hen party look you want.

  1.  Long Lasting Water and Sweat Proof Makeup

You know you’ll be dancing, drinking and having a good time and you’ll want to do all this while looking just the way you did right after your makeup and hair. So, to carry your perfect hair and makeup intact, make sure you use a primer and water proof makeup to make it long lasting and sweat proof. You wouldn’t want to worry about your makeup getting messed up when you’re having that extra tequila shot.

  1. Hydration

While you’re busy being excited and hyper for your hen party weekend, downing drinks after drinks before bidding adieu to your hen, make sure you keep drinking lots and lots of water. Hydration is very important if you want to party till the sun rises and not want a bad hangover the next day. Make sure after every two drinks you’re having a glass of water, not that anybody’s keeping a count at your hen party, so just make sure you’re having enough water.

  1. Hen Party Games and Activities

No hen party is complete without games for the bride and the whole hen gang. Book a hen party package or plan your own games for the entire gang to have great fun, before she gets married. Hen party games and activities will bring together every hen member and create lots of memories for the gal pals to cherish.

  1. Insta Moments

Photographs and hashtags will complete a hen party and let the bride relive those moments whenever she wants. So make sure you click a lot of photographs, create a lot of insta moments and don’t forget to smile. You can also hire a professional photographer for this if you think you might get too busy drinking and forget about the photos.

  1. Take Care of Your Belongings

Well this one is very important because you don’t want to wake up after your memorable hen night only to find it ruined by the loss of your cell phones or wallets. To ensure this either pre book all your hen party activities so that you can get rid of the hassle of carrying around a wallet and a phone. Or you could make sure that all your belongings are with the responsible one of your gang.

So all said and done, have a good and responsible hen party and say goodbye to your single life in style. Make lots of memories and have lots and lots of fun with your girl gang. It’s a night to forget everything and have a memorable hen do!