The “invisible eyeliner technique”

I thought I’d share this little tip with you for the Christmas season . . .

How to tightline your eyes

Lots of us use eyeliner above or below our eyes to add definition but tightlining is different – its also known as the “invisible eyeliner technique”. A much more subtle way to make the eyes pop and brilliant if you want to intensify a smokey eye, great if you don’t have full natural eyelashes too – it gives the illusion you do! 🙂

To do this you will need a cake or gel eyeliner, I use Laura Mercier, a flat square brush and best of all not even a steady hand!

Make sure you have lots of liner on the brush but the consistency isn’t too watery. Push the brush upwards onto your lash line and gently dab along the waterline at the root of the lashes – the idea is to fill the gaps between your lashes so they look fuller.

Invisible eyeliner technique

Look down onto a mirror so you can see where you are aiming for or gently lift the eyelid so you can see the root of the lashes.

So easy but so effective!!


Beauty Call
Hair and Makeup Artist / Franchisee for Hampshire and Dorset