Travel Light! Easter Getaway Makeup Guide

Travel Light Makeup Guide!

To get over the January blues I was lucky enough to go away to Dubai. But now I am back all I can think of, is escaping this cold weather, and what a perfect time with the Easter tomorrow.

If you are anything like me you don’t travel light. I find it a nightmare keeping to the 20kg limit that the airport restricts you to.  So I wanted to share my top travel make-up essentials.

My first essential is a little set by Dior:


  • It includes three eyeshadows which are perfect for day and night
  • A liner and brow shadow
  • Little brush, tweezers and mascara
  • And a decent sized mirror.

I also suggest taking:

  • Shimmer Brush by Mac In Springsheen
  • Lipstick Mac speak louder
  • Lucas Papaw ointment
  • Cherry lip liner Mac
  • Few brushes
  • Evian in a can
  • Chanel tinted moisturiser, blotting papers


MAC Lipstick

MAC liner

If you traveling to somewhere warm you don’t generally want to apply a lot of make up anyway so by just taking a few key products you will be able to create enough looks for a week.

If you’re off to the beach or poolside!

Beach holiday

What you will need :

  • Evian in a can, Lucas Papaw and speak louder lipstick, Dior kit
  • You are likely to be in direct sunlight so remember more is less.
  • Hydrate your skin by applying the Evian spray to your face, and make sure you hydrate from the inside too by drinking plenty of water.  Not only will this keep your skin plump but it will keep you cool.
  • Groom your brows and lashes. I suggest getting them tinted before you go and then just brush them with a mascara wand to keep in place.  To add definition use the Dior Brow shadow and slanted brush.
  • To finish this look just add a little colour to the lips, use the speak louder lipstick apply by dabbing a small amount onto the lips with your ring finger so that you just get a little product and then add a little papaw.  The Papaw helps keep the lips moist and protected from wind.The Papaw is great to take with you everywhere, not only is great to use as a lip balm but its good for the following: Minor Burns & Scalds,Sunburn, Gravel Rash, Cuts & Minor Open Wounds, Insect Bites amongst other thingsSee here for full list : It’s always in my hand luggage!  The only problem it’s only available in Australia, so if you are holidaying there be sure to pick some up!

Lucas Papaw

Beach to Lunch

  • Add a little of the light shadow to the lid of your eye with the little brush and one coat of mascara.

Day to Night

It’s likely to be a little cooler now so you can apply a little more make up, you’ll need:

Dior Kit, Blush, Lipstick, Lucas Papaw, Cherry Lip Liner, Tinted moisturiser, Evian, blotting paper

  • Start with applying the Evian spray, this again will hydrate the skin and cool it too. It is also great to use on plane and also at the end of the night.
  • Apply Chanel tinted moisturiser over the whole face start, use a flat brush or sponge to apply to give you a even base.  Tinted moisturiser is a great alternative to foundation when on holiday.  Not only is it lighter so you hardly feel like you are wearing any but it water based so won’t slide off the face like an oil based one!
  • Create a smoky eye using the 3 shadows, apply the lightest shadow all over the lid and then take the mid-tone shade into the crease of the eye to blend and create the “Smokey” effect. Emulsify the darkest shadow and run across the bottom of the eyelid/lashline to create a soft liner.  If you want something stronger add a little more of the dark shadow to the outer corners of the eyes
  • Add a few coats of mascara
  • Add a little blush to the apples of the cheeks using circular movements from the apples upwards
  • To create a stronger lip, fill in the lips with the liner and then add the lipstick using a lip brush for a fuller and bolder look
  • I don’t ever take powder with me, as I like a dewy look, instead I use the blotting powder to matt and absorb any extra oils.

There are so many more combinations you can do, try using lip liner with the Papaw or the blush as an eye shadow.  Enjoy mixing up the looks and hopefully seeing some sunshine.

And don’t forget always protect your skin with sun cream.

Sarah CL xxx
Hair and Makeup Artist Essex
Franchisee for Southend-on-Sea and Romford postcodes