Travelling for a Wedding? These Tips Will Help

In today’s day and age, more and more people are leaving home to work in other cities or even in other countries. This is where a great number of people find true love and yes, get married necessitating family and friends to travel for the wedding. If you are invited to a wedding this year for which you need to travel, here are some tips that can help you pack and enjoy your time while away from home.

1. Always Bring a Spare

Whenever packing for a wedding, always make sure to bring a spare dress or suit to wear to the main event. You never know what misfortune might befall when putting on that outfit for the ceremony. You may drop coffee on your clothing, something may not fit quite right or the weather may not be conducive to the outfit you want to wear. The best advice is to always bring a spare.

2. Keep Comfortable Shoes on Hand

You may want to wear those super-high spike heels to the wedding but the reception afterwards is another story altogether. Keep comfortable flats on hand to bring along in your bag so that you can switch off after the ceremony to something that won’t take the joy out of dancing your way through the night. Nothing is worse than shoes that hurt when trying to celebrate a day of joy.

3. Have High Quality Luggage on Hand

Also, when travelling out of town, you need to ensure that your luggage will sufficiently protect anything you pack. Even though airlines and trains do have travel insurance, there is nothing you can do last minute if your clothing is ruined during travelling. Many people keep luggage like Salsa from Rimowa on hand simply because it has a name for both style and quality above and beyond the average travel bags on the market.

4. Pack for Where You Are Going

Before even beginning to plan what you are bringing, check out the location where the wedding is to be held. Weather is important but so too is the actual location where the wedding will take place. For example, some places will be highly trendy where other places are going to be casual and ‘come as you are’ in ambiance. So then, before deciding on what to wear at the wedding itself or while going out and about whilst there, check out the location so that you have everything on hand that you need.

5. Send the Gift Ahead

One thing you may want to do is ship the wedding or shower gift ahead. Not only is it cheaper than paying extra bags on the flight or train, but it is usually safer when going through the post and you won’t be burdened carrying it around when deciding how to go from the hotel to the church or other venue. It really does pay to ship the gift ahead.

The next time you are invited to a wedding out of town, keep these tips in mind so that you are free to enjoy the celebration and still have time on your hands to explore the new location. Plan ahead and you’re good to go.