Wedding Guest Dresses – Perfect Style Etiquette……

Been invited to a wedding (or seven) in 2014?

Avert a wardrobe meltdown with my guide to the ‘Wedding Guest Dresses – Perfect Style Etiquette’.


  • Start your outfit quest as soon as you receive the save the date. This will help prevent that last minute panic buying. You won’t feel great in a ‘this will do’ outfit.
  • Compliment the theme; you’ll have an indication of this by the wedding venue. Semi-formal would suggest a cocktail dress, whereas with a country or beach theme I’d lean more towards a sundress.
  • Experiment with Pillbox Hats and Fascinators. Hats are a vanishing wedding tradition but with all the modern takes on them you’ll definitely find something that suits you.


  • Girls…. I know this seasons New Christian Louboutin’s are absolutely gorgeous, but if you don’t want to be carrying them in your hands all day I’d definitely recommend wearing your just as cute last seasons. Your feet will thank you!
  • Pay attention to what you wear over your outfit.  A wedding appropriate coat or jacket will look heaps better than your work anorak.
  • Keep your accessories subtle and to a minimum.  A homage to Mr. T at someone’s wedding isn’t really fitting.
  • Now, I have fallen victim to one of these faux pas but let’s be clear…it is not acceptable to wear white, black or jeans to a wedding. You will be judged. Let’s all promise to pick from the other array of glorious colours out there.
  • Ladies save that fabulous cleavage and those toned thighs for a different affair. Lets keep this one classy.
  • And for the love of god please, please, please NEVER wear a tiara to anyone’s wedding. Need I say more?

I hope this comes in handy and if you’re stuck for ideas why not visit Greenwich Market’s bespoke boutiques on a Sunday.


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