Choosing the perfect wedding guest gifts

Choosing the perfect wedding guest gifts is all about finding something that is both appropriate and will be well received. This sound blindingly obvious but in my many years as a promotional products specialist I have learned that it is often the simplest item that works the best. Take a look at Groupon Discount Codes to Currys

Take wedding favours. Brides up and down the country agonise over providing the perfect table gift for their guests. But as guests sharing in the joy of the big day, the last thing on our minds is “what’s the favour’? I heard a really sad story recently. The bride decided to give each of her 300 guests a handmade lavender sachet, embroidered with the couple’s initials. Her mother and aunts had spent the whole of the previous year lovingly sewing the bags and at the end of the wedding, hundreds of unwanted works of art lay scattered on the reception tables – and needless to say the bride was distraught. Having discarded the idea of chocolates as boring she embarked on the lavender route- but the hard fact was that sweets would have been appreciated far more by her guests and saved the family an enormous amount of time!

Pens remain the number one promotional item in the business world because they are always useful – everybody needs a pen and as it is a relatively low value gift most people are happy to receive it.

There’s no need to waste time searching for originality – just choose a gift you know will be welcome. So whether it is a favour, wedding present or gift for the bridesmaids or groomsmen play it safe.  If there isn’t a gift list opt for gift vouchers or cash. For favours confectionery presented in a pretty personalised box is hard to beat and for attendants consider engraved glass or a small item of jewellery or photo frame.

If you’re still undecided what to get for you guest’s gifts visit Look What’s Cool today and read some gift guides to help you get a better idea of what to get your guests

And remember like every other aspect of planning a wedding it should be fun!

Sally Findlay is the owner of Recognition Express Mid Surrey, the promotional gift experts.