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So how are everyone’s New Years Resolutions going?
Almost completely forgotten about them?!?
See my earlier blog at the start of 2014

I’ve been pretty good this year. I have even impressed myself with the fact that I have stuck with my Yoga at The Kingfisher in Kingston, Surrey for 6 months now and can even master a headstand (albeit against a wall, but still!)

It’s funny how the smallest achievements can make you happy!


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” #instagramquotes

I’m sure they didn’t mean for everyone to stand on their head to get a different perspective but hey – whatever works!

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Another great person to follow on instagram is @yoga_girl, amazing inspiration and not just for yoga… Kathryn our Manchester Franchisee can back me up on that as she is a fan too!


I went to St Tropez last weekend after visiting my lovely beautician Suzanne at The Lensbury Club in Teddington, for a few days on a hen party and it wasn’t until I came home that I realised how much I needed a break.

Life can be so quick these days; not enough time in the day to get everything done or see the people we care about.

This prompted me to write a mid year resolutions list…

I wrote down what and whom were the most important in my life and have decided to concentrate on them. (Also a great massage from Vida Therapy in Teddington helps!)

Quality most definitely out rules quantity, contrary to what we believed when Facebook first came out…(I still have those 400 friends I never speak to but that wish me happy birthday every year!)

So to all you brides out there planning guest lists and arguing with the in laws- think of the stress that will be wreaking havoc with your skin and weight. Put a bit of extra cash away to spoil you and your new hubby on your honeymoon and give yourself a bit of ‘me’ time- a sort of ‘clear out for the soul’ – you will enjoy your wedding day so much more!

Life is a journey, try to enjoy it right now as opposed to constantly looking for it’s destination!


Grace xx
Franchisee & Wedding Hair and Makeup Twickenham and Richmond

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