Wedding hairstyles – how do you choose your perfect one?

Alison – franchisee for York and Leeds has a few tips for wedding hairstyles!

There are lots of things to think about when choosing wedding hairstyles for your big day and making you look and feel amazing is exactly what you want!

Its a good idea to collect pictures or even better to start a Pinterest board so when you have your trial your hairstylist will be able to visualise what kind of style you’re after. There are hundreds of different wedding hairstyle possibilities and it’s important to pick one that reflects you and your style.

wedding hairstyles

The first thing to decide generally is do you want it :Up, Down or half-up/half-down?

Many brides with a strapless dress like to have some hair down –  be it all down, half up or over one shoulder as they feel quite exposed

If your dress has a high neckline with lots of detail an up do would work best so you aren’t hiding any beautiful detail in your dress..

(this is not a rule though it really depends on your style and what you feel comfortable with).

How does your hair hold?

If you want your hair down and curled,and when you do it yourself it has lost all its curl after 30 mins, chances are  – whilst it may last longer done by a professional it may not last the day. In which case an updo may work best.

A good hairstylist will carry plenty of products to help give your hair hold but we’re not magic unfortunately!

Alison 2

If you have chosen an updo and you would like some pieces of hair down round your face ask yourself the question will those bits of hair annoy you and will they end up tucked behind your ears!? If so having them softly pinned back may look much better!

Alison 3

Again think about your style

Do you want a hairstyle that is classic or relaxed, neat or messy, structured or boho?

Its a good idea to think about your hair accessories too

Some brides buy their accessories and veil so they have them ready to try at the trial so they can see their overall look where as others prefer to choose their hairstyle and ask the hairstylists advice on what accessory would work with their chosen hairstyle.

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If you ever get stuck with anything just ask your stylist who will be happy to help and give you advice or you can contact me with any questions [email protected] / 07709 527469

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