Wedding makeup inspiration for 2018

2018 is the year for extravagant weddings, beautiful, well-dressed brides and grooms, and love. But while you may get wrapped up in the wedding venue planning, invites, catering, table settings, décor, music, and finalizing the gown and bridesmaids dresses with great enthusiasm. One very essential factor that they forget is the wedding makeup. Choosing the right wedding makeup that compliments the choice of your dress, hair, shoes, and skin tone is fundamental.

With all the hectic planning for the wedding, arranging the guest stays, destination wedding styles, and coordinating with the wedding planner, women don’t pay heed to their bridal makeup till a few weeks before the big day. Procrastinating the makeup selection could spell absolute disaster on the day of the wedding. Choosing the right makeup for the big day is as essential as selecting the perfect wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

Brides in 2018 will have fun finalizing their makeup since several trends have caught on for this exciting year. Get ready for everything from dresses, makeup, engagement rings, wedding rings, shoes, and accessories well in advance so that you leave enough time to make any adjustments before the wedding day. Having ample time to finalize all the small details is an Ace up your sleeve.

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Let us view some wedding makeup inspirations for 2018 so that you look your loveliest for your big day.

Well defined Lips:

Classic lip shades like maroon and red are replaced with shades of pink for 2018. Bright reds, oranges, maroons, and browns are a thing of the past. Fashion-forward brides are taking the plunge away from tradition and pairing their makeup with shades of pink to compliment the beauty of natural pink lip color. Use the closest shade of lip liner pencil that you can find to ensure that your lips are well defined and that the lip color won’t bleed out on to the skin. Lip liners help contain the lip color while accentuating your lips to look gorgeous.


Smokey Eyes look:

The trend for eyes in 2018 is Smokey Eyes. Select eyeshadow shades that are close to your dress of lip color to maintain uniformity in your look. 2018 is going to be the year for smoky metallic shades of gold and rust paired with deep purple, black or brown towards the outer corners of your eyelids. Well set smoky eyes with light metallic shimmers and shadow can help accent the natural beauty of your eyes. Shimmers also make the eyes look alive and healthy. Heavy set eyeliners in black or brown can add great charm to your eyeshadow and make your eyes look luminous.


Winged Eyeliner look:

This trend of 2017 has come into force in 2018. The winged eyeliner has become a must-have at weddings this year. Slanting eyeliner wings that add precision and shape to the contour of the eyelid is the most popular trend of this year. Smokey eyes with winged eyeliner make almost all faces look versatile by enhancing the prominence of the eye shape. Another version of the winged eyeliner that trendy brides are embracing is the cat eye. With definite strokes, the cat eye looks fantastic on all faces. Use precision eyeliners and inform your beautician in advance that you would like to try different styles of eyeliners to accentuate your face cut and eye shape.


Bronzed look:

If you’re not too fond of the bold look and would prefer a muted but stunning look, then the bronzed look is a necessity. Use strobe creams, and mineral skin finish powders, and contours that add depth to the face without making it pink or red. Bronzers that compliment your skin tone will accentuate your skin tone, cheekbones, and chin clefts. Once you’re done contouring your face, highlight the prominent T-Zone (bridge of the nose and forehead), the tip of the nose, cheekbones, and jaw with mineral highlight powders that are long-lasting. Bronzers also create a stunning contrast to your face that looks gorgeous in wedding photos and videos.


Nude makeup look:

Nude makeup or the famous ‘barely there’ is a classic option for brides who don’t want their makeup to feature too prominently on their face. If you would prefer to have the focus away from your face and instead would prefer it on your dress, then the nude makeup look is the one for you. Select pigments that match closely with your natural skin tone and eyebrows to accentuate your features without seeming like you’ve got makeup on. For the lips, select nude shades in cream and pink that only make it look like your lips have a healthy glow.

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