Why are memorial diamond wedding rings a choice to consider?

For some people, memorial diamonds may only bring macabre thoughts. This happens mainly because a memorial diamond is made from the remains of a deceased person. On the other hand, there are persons who embrace this idea, considering it a beautiful way to commemorate their lost relatives.

However, there are several other life events that deserve remembrance. A memorial diamond can be a beautiful way to capture a beautiful event in your life such as giving birth or getting married. So, the symbol of your unlimited love for your husband or your wife can be marked with a memorial diamond.

Personalised Love

The wedding ring has been the symbol of a couple’s love for centuries. Still, a memorial wedding ring can add even more value to this symbol.

For example, there are many couples who marry after their baby is brought into this world. Memorial diamond wedding rings made from the baby’s hair would make a one-of-a-kind tribute to their love.

Celebration Diamonds for Unique Memories

Don’t let the word “memorial” fool you, because these diamonds are also known as celebration diamonds. That’s because they have the role to express the happiness and the love of the people who wear them.

The difference between celebration diamonds and memorial diamonds is that the former are not made from the ashes of the deceased person but from their hair. In order to create a diamond of this kind, it’s enough to give a lock of hair. Since it is made from actual pieces of the couple’s bodies, the result will be unique and extremely close to their heart.

Choosing to combine your hair with your husband’s or wife’s hair will surely make your wedding moment special. In general, brides choose a classic, princess cut diamond for their wedding rings. You can be bolder and take it a step further.

Also, many couples stop wearing their wedding rings after a period. However, a memorial diamond wedding ring is part of yourselves. This surely makes it more valuable than any other piece of jewellery you’ll ever have. That diamond is unique and different from other diamonds in this world, exactly like your marriage, so it will be cherished till the end.

The Creation Process

If you wonder about the process of creating a memorial wedding ring, then you will be surprised to find out that it is easier than you may believe. First of all, you will have to choose a good company that does this. After that, you will need to provide it with one or two locks of hair.

Together with the locks of hair, it is recommended to send some instructions on how you want the final product to look. You can choose the colour or the carat weight of the ring. After that, the carbon will be extracted from the hair and it will be transformed into a real diamond. Normally, you will have the final product between 70 to 120 days from the day the company receives the locks of hair.

So, if you want to be a bit bolder, a memorial wedding ring is a good choice to consider. Not only that’s unique, but it will literally be a part of you and a powerful tribute to your love.