Winter Wedding Hair and Makeup

Winter is the perfect season for a real fairytale wedding.

The colder days and darker nights create an intimate, festive atmosphere and the possibility of snow could make it a truly white wedding. Even though you can’t guarantee snow on your big day, you can create a wonderful snowy feel by using lots of sparkly decorations like glittering snowflakes, silver or gold branches, snow globes or an ice sculpture to wow your guests.

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If you’ve chosen a winter wedding for your big day, here are some of my favourite ideas to turn your nuptials into the perfect wonderland setting.

Hand blankets out to your guests for the evening – Practical outfits for a winter wedding are few and far between, so cosy blankets will be a God-send to your guests after a couple of hours freezing their way through the ceremony. Pick throws in your scheme colours and bunch them into a crate for a rustic, welcoming look at the reception.  They can also come in handy for the photos if the weather takes a turn for the worse…

Choose ice queen wedding hair and makeup. Pearly shades and a natural base make your skin gleam and looks stunning against a white dress. Use silver liner in the corner of your eye and pearly shades on your lips and nails. Keep the rest of your make-up neutral.

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Why not have mince pies and mulled wine for your guests on arrival, it will warm and full them up much more then champagne and canapés. 

Embrace the colder weather and go for stronger coloured dresses for your bridesmaids.  Strong coloured dresses and ivory shawls add a real touch of class and elegance!! 

Winter wedding hair – when it comes to the winter we all know we re going to be having a few more ‘bad hair days’.  Its important on your wedding day to have perfect hair, try to go for something that suits your style, theme and dress and also it going to withstand rain and wind!! Go for something sleek and sophisticated  like a chignon or ballerina bun.

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Embrace the weather – it’s the one thing we have no control over, so whatever the weather just embrace it and use it to your advantage!!  You can get some great really different photos so why not have some fun!!

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