Winter wedding makeup advice….

Winter wedding makeup advice… from Alison, franchisee in Yorkshire, for the York and Leeds postcodes.

winter wedding makeup

Winter weddings seem to be getting more popular every year and if you have chosen to be a winter bride its worth noting the different factors that can affect your make-up in the colder, darker months.

As the seasons change each year we naturally wear different coloured clothes and your make-up is no different.  Fresh pinks and corals in the Spring/Summer months make way for plums and reds in the winter.

The days start to get dark at 3.30pm in the midst of winter so its unlikely you’ll get much sunlight allowing you to go a little bit stronger with your make-up. A smokey eye or a strong lip will work well and won’t make you looked washed out in your photos.

A good skincare routine in the run up to the big day is paramount in winter as our skin tends to look a little duller at this time of year. Moisturise well and exfoliate a couple of times a week to remove any dry, dead skin cells. The better you prepare your skin the better your make-up will sit and look! And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

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